THE FORT SPA MASSAGE                            60/90 MIN                            RS 6500 / 8000

A classic massage which promotes a sense of well being by increasing circulation and relieving muscular tension, aches and pains.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE                              60/90 MINS                         RS 7000 / 9000

Re-awaken you senses and find yourself in a complete state of calm a traditional Deep tissue massage is a seamless blend of acupressure, skin rolling and firm smooth strokes which are combined in a full body massage.


BACK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE             40 MIN                                 RS 5000

This treatment eases muscular tension by concentration on the tight and stressed muscle of the back and shoulder.


SCALP AND NECK MASSAGE                      30 MINS                              RS 4000

With a boost of minerals to stimulate the scalp, this deeply relaxing treatment is particularly effective for those who suffer headaches.

FOOT & LEG MASSAGE                                40 MIN                                 RS 4000

Put your feet up and feel the tension release from your body with a pressure point massage and herbal foot bath.


SOOTHING FACIAL                                        60 MINS                              RS 7000

Cleansing exfoliating, lifting massage techniques, firming algae patches, and a regenerating mask ensure this treatment results in younger looking skin.


DETOX                                                              40 MINS                              RS 6000

A sandalwood with curd scrub will cleanse and oxygenate skin leaving it soft and luminous. Moisturizing body lotion is applied as a finishing touch making your whole body as soft as satin.

SUNBURN SOOTHER                                     40 MINS                              RS 6000

Helps to treat sunburn skin by using fresh Aloe vera & honey.


DELUXE SPA MANICURE                              50 MINS                              RS 4000

A manicure with attention to detail, nail are filed and shaped, cuticles are tidied, hands exfoliated, massage, moisturized and polished.

DELUXE SPA PEDICURE                               60 MIN                                 RS 4000

The feet are cleaned, exfoliated, filed and massage, nails are shaped, cuticles tied and polished.


EXPRESS MANICURE                                    30 MINS                              RS 3000

Soak, nail filed, cuticles tied and polished. This is not full manicure.

EXPRESS PEDICURE                                     30 MINS                              RS 3000

Soak, exfoliate, nail filed, cuticle tied and polished. This is not a full pedicure.


  • Eyebrow               Rs. 2000
  • Upper lip              Rs. 2000
  • Chin                       Rs. 2000
  • Full face               Rs. 4000
  • Chest                     Rs. 4000
  • Back                      Rs. 4000
  • Bikini                    Rs. 4000
  • Brazilian              Rs. 5500
  • Hollywood           Rs. 6500
  • Under arm           Rs. 2000
  • Full arm               Rs. 4000
  • Half arm               Rs. 2000
  • Full leg                 Rs. 4000
  • Half leg                 Rs. 2000